The Bruce Project


The Bruce Project :

In 2013 I purchased a collection of classic radio shows on cassette from a dear sweet old man named Bruce. The collection includes several hundred single cassette tapes, thirty five 6 cassette box sets, and ten 20 cassette box sets. Each cassette is being recorded over and replaced with straight to tape sessions held with various artists, but the original titles will remain, current tapes include Billy Sims, Angela Sawyer, Michael Rosenstein, Dirk Adams, Phillip Fryer, Luke Einseidler, Alek Glasrud, Howard Martin,Chris Johnson, Joshua Hahn, Dan Wick and others. You will find clips and updates from these sessions here as the collection grows.


Inner Sanctum

Box Thirteen

Dimension X

Lights Out

Johnny Dollar

Night Beat

The Shadow

Rogue's Gallery